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Get Clarity and Continuous Improvement of Work and Talent

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After three years of research, executive interviews, workshops and validating customers, CollabWorks™ understands why talent is often misaligned and disengaged. It is the lack of clarity of the work required, talent capabilities, and an ongoing process to improve both. The CollabWorks™ enterprise SaaS solution called WaaS™ brings actionable clarity to the work and shifts talent from what matters least to what matters most. In a few hours within normal work schedules, WaaS customers are quantitatively measuring increases in productivity. The innovation and improvements are primarily lead by employees as they align with the organization’s priorities.

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“Senior executives were thrilled by the approximately 15% identified productivity gains from new project initiatives and provided on the spot approvals to proceed with next stage of implementing these.” Engineering Executive, Fortune 100 Customer

Challenges & Outcomes

Underutilization of talent – Talent Aligned with Priorities
Innovation / Initiative – Talent Initiated Improvements
Agility / Adaptability – Agile, Lean Team Process
Engagement / Accountability – Measurable Improvements
Labor Costs / Margins – Quantifiable Productivity Gains

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“CollabWorks™ has it right. Their WaaS™ technology is the middleware to match the right person to the right work at the right time.” Scott McNealy

Specific Challenges & Specific Outcomes

Team Leader 1: Little to no IP being created.
– Volunteers meet twice/month, processes clarified, many provisionals filed.

Team Leader 2: Top talent wasted in repeated coding, review, & testing.
– Implementation of automated tools, style guides, and process improvements.

Team Leader 3: Surveys indicated 86% had inadequate training and info available.
– Templates and rules provided to wiki owners, enhance search capability, active mentoring in place.

Team Leader 4: Meetings are poorly run, often wasting time, yielding little.
– Meeting rules established; time consumed monitored, meeting quality improved.

“The way that we traditionally setup organizations with org charts, and boxes and jobs is ultimately going to go away. We need to attract great talent and we need to mutually benefit.” Kelly Steven-Waiss SVP HR Extreme Networks

Realize The Full Potential of Your Team


Reveal Talent and Objective Misalignment

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Discovery is a bottoms-up process that defines the current state of your team and the work they do. It is the first step in an ongoing process to align your talent with the highest value work. Discovery provides a tremendous value to companies by capturing the right data needed to optimize work and talent for the benefit of both.

“In addition to classifying services and talent, worker engagement metrics provided a excellent insight into our organizational health. The WaaS method revealed a set of valuable new metrics for us to evaluate the engineering team and work/services they do.” Engineering Senior Director, Fortune 500 Customer


Align Talent, Objectives and Improvements

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Engagement uses the data captured in Discovery to build consensus and alignment around the work and the talent needed to perform the work. Service Improvement Teams dig deeper into further refining, prioritizing, and recommending changes to improve the effectiveness of the team. Individuals and teams come away with an agreed-upon and prioritized portfolio of services. They also have a realistic list of recommended service improvements that add measurable value to the work, the talent, the team, and the company.

“Engaged organizations grew profits as much as three times faster than their competitors. Highly engaged organizations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87% and improve performance by 20%.” Corporate Leadership Council


Realize Increases in Service Value and Talent Use

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A powerful set of analytical tools help both managers and talent use service value, service importance, and talent alignment metrics to create individual plans for talent growth and productivity improvements. Individual plans are compared, grouped and executed to maximize the benefit to both the individual and organizational objectives.

"The relationship between the individual and organizations has changed dramatically. The war for talent is over. Talent won.” Jim Ware, Executive Director of the Future of Work Unlimited

Getting Started is Easy

The WaaS™ process. Scalable to any size organization.

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