SaaS Software Platforms Will Empower the Workforce in the Digital Age

As entrepreneurial CEOs who fund our ventures or executives who grow into being CEOs of more mature companies, we produce annual budgets and financial plans. We estimate our future revenue and given available capital we fashion budgets we believe will deliver our revenue objectives. Hard capital and non-labor expenses are generally predictable. Workforce planning is more of an art and boils typically down to headcount planning. The amounts and types of headcount needed are often based on proforma financial modeling and estimates from primary functions such as engineering, sales, marketing, etc.
Traditional headcount planning falls short. We continue to rely on a traditional headcount model even though it’s crude and includes built in biases such as incremental benchmark planning from last year, organizational and process complexity that hides waste, and the talent of managers negotiating beyond real needs. Market forces and technology advances are increasingly exposing the weaknesses of headcount planning and staffing. For example, employees now only amount to about 65% of the workforce down from 90% twenty years ago. The remaining contingent workforce (QuartZ) is expected to exceed 40% by 2022. While HR is responsible for acquisition of employees, the contingent workforce is frequently managed directly by managers …
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June, 2018


"What if there was a way to identify the value of your workforce? I'm not talking about the cost, but the value of the work created and delivered as a set of services performed by each person in your workforce every day. What if it was simple to capture and measure the information you need to determine the value of services deilvered to your customers? Would that allow you to effectively focus each worker's tiem on the most valuable services for your company?"
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February 2, 2017

The Workplace 2025 VISION: Doom, or Boom?

Our whole economy, our very lives, depends on work.

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November, 2016

Uncover the Value of your People

Why you must uncover the Value of What you Have?

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February, 2016

Employee Thought Leadership and the Future of Work, by Kelley Steven-Waiss

January, 2016
As Thought Leader Life #TLL treads into a new and exciting year, it also starts fresh with a new format in which the conversations circle around different topics and a co-host helps Mitchell Levy steer the discussion for each month. For January 2015, we had four episodes that fearlessly examined the transforming world of corporations and how the way we work has radically changed in the digital age. The episodes also share relevant insights about employee empowerment, leadership, and breaking away from current HR practices. Enriching these discussions was Kelley Steven-Waiss (@ExtremeKelley) as Mitchell’s co-host for the month. Kelley is the Senior Vice President for Human Resources at Extreme Networks.
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