How to WaaS.

The right improvements, at the right time, for the right reasons.

A brief overview of the process teams experience using WaaS.

Step 1 SHARE

Share your current impressions of the work.

The Work and Talent Survey is a quick anonymous assessment of participants perception’s of their work and talent. Survey results are available to all participants and the manager can publish survey objectives.
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What you do. What can be improved. What your goals are.

During Discovery all work is defined as services with measurable data attributes including talent required, time allocations and more. The service data for the entire group is generated in real time creating the portfolio of services the group performs.
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Refine Service Data, Improvements and Plans

During Engagement a team refines the group service data. Improvements suggested by participants are reviewed and those with the most benefit to the group are selected. Teams qualify the selected improvements into actionable plans and quantify the increase in value to the group.
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Create, Quantify and Qualify Individual and Group Plan.

During Transformation individuals create transformation plan(s) based on improvements, objectives and desires. WaaS metrics for Service Value, Importance Index and Misalignment Index enable optimization of transformation plans for the greatest increase in value for individuals and the group.

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