Why FrameWork™

FrameWork™ for the CEO

Estimates suggest that established companies typically experience 30% to 60% in wasted work and misused or under-utilized talent because they do not have the necessary data to match the work to the talent.

FrameWork™ provides this essential data and technology to drive a measurable increase in value of both work and talent. WaaS dramatically reduces wasted work by continuously engaging and empowering teams and individuals to optimize their talents performing the greatest value work. WaaS® customers have achieved 15% increases in productivity.

FrameWork™ for the CFO

Talent, on average, consumes 50% to 70% of operating expenses for U.S. companies. For software companies, the amount can exceed 90%.

FrameWork™ is a revolutionary solution that improves the bottom line by aligning the right work to the right worker at the right time. FrameWork is proven to lower operational costs, inspire innovation, and deliver measurable and ongoing increases in productivity.

FrameWork™ for the CIO

For companies in today’s world, people and technology are inseparable. And the key to success is building an agile, engaged workforce that uses technology to focus on critical issues that drive innovation, improve decision-making, and increase value.

FrameWork™ combines a unique methodology and easy-to-use technology to drive measurable and sustained improvement and growth across the organization.

FrameWork™ for Human Resources

Work is changing for organizations and for workers. Jobs are no longer static, and individuals at all levels are solving complex problems and making critical decisions. Workers want to match their interests to important work. And, when they’re aligned with what matters most, they are more satisfied, more productive, and more engaged.

FrameWork™ provides HR leaders with a proven approach for optimizing organizational productivity and enhancing engagement. With FrameWork, HR leaders and their business partners have the ideal platform for quantifiably evaluating talent, allocating work, and improving results across the entire organization. WaaS® customers have achieved 18% increases in workforce engagement.

FrameWork™ for the Worker

Today’s workers have the talent and the desire to solve complex problems and make critical decisions. They also want to contribute to important work and utilize their talent in a way that helps them to achieve career goals while adding value to the organization.

FrameWork™ aligns each worker’s abilities and desires to actual work that needs to be done. Moreover, FrameWork provides workers with an agile, transparent, data-driven approach that empowers each worker to perform meaningful work and lead innovative improvements that benefits their career, their team, and their entire organization.

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